Only the results matter...
Posted on July 29th, 2012

The people sat around in nervous silence, listening to the feared leader speaking to the lowly peasants. He is neatly dressed and conservative in appearance. If you judged the attitude in the room, it would seem more like a king presiding over his court.
He was the CEO of the company where I work, visiting the plant for his annual tour. This was the time that he was supposed to motivate the troops, galvanizing us to succeed despite the hardships of the coming year.  With the required awe appearing in our faces, we listen to him speak. Only the results matter. We appreciate your hard work, but only the results matter.
Only the results matter. Just remembering the words spoken that day makes my blood boil and skin crawl. It was as if he was saying “I don’t care how many of you meaningless, pathetic worms must be sacrificed, I only care about turning a profit at the end of the year”.  He proceeded to share how he came up with this philosophy when confronting one of his kids about their grades not meeting his expectations. He said that was the defining moment when he came up with the business philosophy that shaped his career. I am incensed that someone could have such a warped view of life.
Recently, I was reminded of this concept, and took some time to think about it. I wanted to skewer him for his lack of concern about the people. I was dead set on proving him shallow and specious. Imagine my horror when I came to the conclusion that he was at least partly correct…
Partly correct because in the grand scheme of things, only the end results truly matter. Partially incorrect because I came to see that it was which set of outcomes you looked upon for the grade.
The realization came when I started thinking about the concept in terms of human value. My questions centered around “what about the result of a healthy adult life?” and “what about the value of having families maintaining close relationships and demonstrating their love?”. That is when it hit me. Love and health are results. They are the results of making healthy, loving choices over the course of our lives.
The point that the CEO was stressing and I didn’t want to see was that we need to focus on the bigger picture of how we want our stories to turn out. Philippians 3:14 (ESV) says “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus”. My paraphrase is “I keep the end results in front of my decision making process, in order to achieve the divine design God has set for my life”.
Focus in its verb form is defined as “to bring (as light rays) to a focus; to adjust the focus of (as the eye or a lens);” and “to bring (as an image) into focus”. ( The idea is that something is changed from something blurry or vague into something understandable and clear. Do our lives bring a set goal clearly into emphasis? Are we living with the end in mind?
What about you guys? What results are you looking for? Only the results matter. Only the things God wants for you matter.

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