Thoughts on a Father
Posted on September 5th, 2012

Based on Joel 2, Luke 15:11-32

My dearest Child,
                You have been away such a long time. I miss you so much. I remember the times that we used to spend together. I would watch you run and play. It brought joy to my heart to see your innocence and pure passion for living. Your exuberance brought life to those around you. It seemed like the whole world brightened when you came to talk with me. Not about anything special, just because you wanted to spend time with me. I miss those days.
                When you came and said that you were leaving, I didn’t make you stay. That was a very painful day to me. I knew that you were only going to get hurt by going out on your own. It was your decision and I didn’t stand in the way. But that doesn’t mean that I liked it or wanted it that way. My love will not force you to be in a relationship with me.
                If you could only see my heart. I want so much to be a part of your life again. There is so much that I could help you with. I can help you carry the burdens and heal the wounds. Even though you have not wanted anything to do with me, I have not stopped loving you. It brings me to tears to see the painful choices you have made. If you would only come back, I could give you the relief that you have been seeking all this time.
                I know you thought life would be better away from me, but I think you know now that is not true. The things you didn’t like were for your protection. Not because you were deprived or deserved extra punishment. I just didn’t want you to bear the scars from learning the hard way. I have seen too many lives destroyed. You are my precious heir. I want so much more for you. I want to give you the world! Just come back to me and see what you are really missing!
                You don’t have to fix anything, or even get your life back together. Just come as you are. I don’t care how nasty you have become. Just come to me. It doesn’t matter what you have done. Just come to me. I don’t care how unworthy you feel. Just come as you are! I love you more than any of these circumstances could ever change!
                Don’t you know how much I have already provided for you? It is crazy to think that I would cut you off or leave you lacking because of the failures in your past. My love knows no bounds. Just try me and see. If you need help to get back, just call me. I will come running and be there before you know it. There is no place too far or road too difficult! Nothing could stop me from coming to you! Oh my child! It is not too late! Let me help you! Let me in to your life so that I can really give you the things that I know you need!

With all the love in the world,

Written by Damon

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