DivorceCare is a support group setting, where you will discover that you are not alone in this painful event of life. The pain, fear and emotions you are experiencing now are normal for people who find themselves going through separation and/or divorce.  

Are you feeling anger, loneliness, betrayal, and fear?  These are only a sample of the topics which are addressed in DivorceCare. You will receive help in avoiding common mistakes one often makes in this life-changing event.  You will also uncover sources for comfort and healing.  

The 13-week series includes a 30-minute video providing help and advice from divorce recovery experts and testimonials from former DivorceCare participants.  After each video, you will have the opportunity to join a small discussion group to share (if you desire) and learn from what others are experiencing.  Each group is set in a safe and confidential environment.
Here is a statement from one of our  recent participants of DivorceCare:

" I am truly thankful I was a part of Parkway Bible Chapel's DivorceCare support group. You'll never know...I mean REALLY NEVER know...how God used Divorce Care, the other participants, and the facilitators to love on me, encourage me, and help me through one of the darkest seasons in my life. I now know and am encouraged that it is a season in my life and not my identity for the rest of life! I have learned to embrace my singleness and hold fast to His truth which He will continue to work for my good."

–Whitney M.
Divorce Care participant

A New Class begins September 7, 2016.  Sign up now on form below!

DivorceCare will begin again in September 2016 at 6:30 pm (on Wednesdays).
We will meet at Calvary Chapel | Ringgold on 548 Boyton Drive in Ringgold, GA.  Trained Facilitators, people who themselves have experienced the pain of  separation and divorce, will be available to answer any questions you may have.  Make a decision today to get on the road to help and healing with people who know and understand what you are experiencing... Go ahead, take that step and register online today.
If you have questions now or just wish to speak with a facilitator, you can call or email:  Mike Bower at 706.952.1502, or email calvaryringgold@gmail.com, or Fill Out the Registration Form Below.


If you are interested in attending, please send us the requested information above